Being Marcus Schwimmer


This week on Super Skull we bid farewell to one of the founder members of the Super Skull Podcast: Marcus Schwimmer. For his send off show, the gang answers a pile of listener questions, bring back the Big Picks, and do The Numbers.

Our Top 5 movies are:

  • Marcus:

    • Top Gun

    • Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    • A River Runs Through It

    • Jeremiah Johnson

    • The Magnificent Seven

  • Curtis:

    • Apocalypse Now

    • Blade Runner

    • Robocop

    • Do the Right Thing

    • My Own Private Idaho

  • Nick

    • Alien

    • Being John Malkevitch

    • Big Trouble Little China

    • Yojimbo

    • Do the Right Thing

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