One Shot! An interview with Carolyn Nowak

Are you a fan of Lumberjanes? Of course you are; who isn't?

Well we got to interview Carolyn Nowak, one of the incredible ladies on the Lumberjanes creative team! Her passion for all ages comics is expressed through her thoughtful and creative art in the Eisner award winning series: Lumberjanes. Miss Nowak could likely be one of the big break out star in this years all ages comics. 

Her personal work is also brimming with humor and wit. On top of comedy, her body of work includes medical and technical drawings. 

Carolyn is an Ann Arbor local, a keeper of cats, and lover of naps. She is truly a delight. You can learn more about her work at her website:

Or, you can ask her questions about cats, art, and things she likes by twitter: